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Ripples - A Jelly Roll Quilt

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When my son was born, I wondered how many lives he would affect in his lifetime.  Together, with God’s grace, we dropped that stone into the lake when we had our child.  The ripples are small in the beginning, close to the stone.  At first, my son impacted those of us around him.   Then as time went on, the ripples extended further and further. Now, as a teenager, he has influenced the lives of countless others.  His ripples will go on throughout his life, affecting more and more people, hopefully for the better.  I suppose when the ripples hit the shore, that will be it, but I like to think that we all, my son included, will forever change the landscape in some way when our ripples hit the shore.

Quilt kit includes Henderson Street jelly roll by Robert Kaufman, and fabrics to complete the quilt top, including borders and binding.