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Purdue Boilermakers

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I was happily sewing this quilt together in my sewing room when my 14-year-old son came walking in and gasped.  “Mom!  What are you doing making a Purdue quilt?  Does Dad know what you’re doing?”  It was as if I committed a crime right in front of my son!   You see, our family members are dyed-in-the-wool Buckeye fans through and through.  My son learned this at an early age when I bought him a ball from a sale rack at the sports store, which happened to be a Purdue ball.  So many people commented on that ball in our home until I couldn’t take it anymore and I tossed it into the donation pile.  I must say, however, that this Purdue quilt is so much fun to make and I enjoyed every moment of it.  The state of Indiana’s quilt blocks flank the sides of the iconic Purdue logo.  This one isn’t going into the donation pile!  I hope you can enjoy making this for the Boilermaker in your life!