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Autumn Walk - A Layer Cake Quilt

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I am always cold.  I wore more wool sweaters in Miami, Florida during the 6 years I lived there than I did growing up in western Massachusetts (air conditioning).  I love the different seasons, but don’t go outside much when it’s cold.  Don’t get me wrong – I’ll always sit on the sidelines to watch my kid play soccer (underneath multiple quilts!) or go in the woods to cut down a fresh Christmas tree.  But I truly appreciate the fire and cup of hot tea greeting me on the other side of the door!  When it comes to fall, one of my most favorite traditions is going outside after dinner to take that evening walk.  The air is crisp, the leaves are rustling beneath our feet, the sun is setting earlier, our cheeks turn pink from the cool breezes.  I surely do love that Autumn Walk, but I also appreciate the warmth of a quilt like this one in my home after!