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Perennial (with Tri-Recs Tool)

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I have been struggling with a name for this quilt.  Usually, I can name them quickly as it’ll hit me while I’m making the design, piecing the quilt, or quilting the quilt.  I was thinking of naming this Perennial from the beginning but then I spoke with a landscape artist about our overgrown front yard.  We have moved around the country a number of times and with each home we’ve purchased, we’ve had to redesign the landscaping.  He was reminding us that perennials, although easier for which to care, don’t have vibrant or long-lasting blossoms.  This quilt has pretty flowers that more resemble annuals, but I can’t name this quilt “Annual”.  So, I decided to keep the name as Perennial because this is not a quilt you’re likely to toss away at the end of a season.  It’ll stay with you for a lifetime, as long as it’s maintained!  I hope you enjoy making this elegant and regal quilt as much as I did, and you won’t ever turn it into an “annual”!