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Block of the Month CHAI LATTE

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A number of years ago, I was attending a bible study and a friend walked in carrying something warm that smelled divine.  I asked what she had and she told me Chai Latte. Although I had seen it on the local coffee shop’s menu, I’m not very adventurous with drinks and didn’t want to try something I knew nothing about.  It sure smelled good, and it was difficult to concentrate on the study because I just kept thinking how I wanted to bust out to get myself a Chai Latte!  I slowly rolled through the long drive-up line and finally got my Chai.  When I attempted to give her the money, she said the driver in front of me already paid for my drink.  An act of kindness, and a delicious drink to boot!  It was meant to be – my Chai and me.  I hope you think of warm, spicy Chai when you’re creating this lovely oversized queen quilt.  You certainly won’t want to bust out of your quilt room with this one, as it boasts 30 different blocks!