Simply Pretty Stitches

University of Wisconsin

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I’ve always had a fondness for the state of Wisconsin, even though I had never visited before I met my future husband.  Perhaps it was because of the unique accent, or the fact that I love both butter and cheese, or it’s simply because “someone” knew I’d end up falling in love with a Midwestern boy!  Jeff’s parents grew up in Wisconsin, both attended the University of Wisconsin, and now they have a summer cabin on a lake in the Northwoods.  We visit the cabin once or twice each year.  I’ve seen that it’s just as beautiful in December as it is in July.  I’ve also noticed that Wisconsin football fans are notably loyal to their teams.  We have a cousin who once attended a game in -10o snowy weather!  I wish I had made this quilt to help keep him warm that day.  Incorporating both traditional piecing and easy paper piecing, the state of Wisconsin’s blocks flank the iconic University logo.  I hope you can keep your favorite Badger warm with this quilt on those crazy cold days!